Album: Young Hearts (2015)

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Many Moons ago Gibli and Craig were at a BBQ talked about their love for punk rock, old school hardcore, and reggae/ska while making fun of the lame ass excuse for hardcore that was blasting over the radio at the time. They decided to start jamming with the only intention of having some brews and spinning records. They recruited Mooney a friend from high school to sing. The trio jammed out a half assed verision of Anti-Nowhere League's "For You" which didn't sound half bad. The three of them decided to stick together and cause all stort of trouble but there was still one piece missing. One Day while wondering the barren wasteland that is the Five Towns College Parking Lot Craig heard drums playing. As he approached he saw a lanky guy with a blunt in his mouth wearing an Adicts t-shirt. Enter Mike aka Stooley! An instant friendship was formed and the four guys decided to start writing some tunes. Fast Forward a year later the band finally mustered up courage to start playing shows and record our debut entitled S.T.E.P.. The following years Gangway! played numerous shows on Long Island and in nyc meeting a ton of awesome people and playing with amazing bands. In recent times Gangway has shared the stage with Murphys Law, Sheer Terror, The Casualties, The Pietasters, The Aggrolites, Andrew WK, and all of the amazing local Long Island bands there are way too many to list we love you all. With a new record in the works Gangway is gearing up for more shows and more Good Times. Come to a show hang out with us and have a blast. For booking please contact us here Cheers!!!!!